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What is an extended warranty?

Vehicle purchases come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers many parts of the vehicle usually for the duration of your financing (but not always.) Our extended warranties give you the peace-of-mind you want as you're driving you vehicle because they protect you, the owner, from repair costs after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

In addition, our warranties have optional roadside assistance so you're never alone if you lock keys in your car, blow a tire, or have a breakdown on the side of the road.

Do I need an extended warranty?

Unexpected bills are troublesome and can lead to other problems - do you pay rent or fix your transmission this month? Feed the kids, or fix the steering? If you need to safeguard yourself against crippling auto repair costs, extended warranties can give you the cushion you need to survive.

In addition, many of our extended warranties are transferable to other owners if you decide to sell - which can be an attractive option for buyers as it alleviates some of the guesswork when buying a used vehicle.

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